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The beauty of Lake Como in the poetic words of some famous writers who loved it. Some lovely and charming reasons for weddings in Lake Como!

Romeo and Juliet, the leading wedding planner Lake Como, devoted this web site to the many couples we organized a fabulous and impeccable wedding for.

Along with the tales of our Weddings in Lake Como which you will find in the dedicated section who better than a poetic writer can introduce the beauty and fascination of Lake Como marriages?

Here below you will find a few extracts from past and contemporary artists who fell in love with this extraordinary region of Italy; we trust that they provide the most effective sales pitch for a Lake Como wedding!

"There is nothing in the world that is worth the charm of these hot summer days spent on the lakes around Milan between green groves of chestnut trees that come down to bathe their branches in the water. This morning we left Como in a boat covered by a beautiful blue and white tent. We visited the villa of the Princess of Wales, La Pliniana, Pliny's letter is etched into the marble. At this point, the lake becomes dark and wild, the mountains descend almost vertically into the waters .."
"Here, everywhere I see uneven hills, covered with clumps of trees randomly grown and that the hand of man has not spoiled yet . Among these hills with marvellous shapes, which slope down into the lake with bizarre slopes, I have the illusion of being in the places described by Tasso and Ariosto. Everything here is noble and gracious, everything speaks of love, nothing reminds of the ugliness of civilization."


Villa La Pliniana is still there, not far from Cernobbio and Villa Fontanelle (Versace's family villa) along with the many historical villas which make a wedding in Lake Como an exclusive and fascinating event.
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"I do not know if Lake Como is the most beautiful Italian lake, but is certainly the most noble, because it is the most steeped of history and of literature that becomes landscape.. On its winding water stagnate the flavours poured by the ancient parks, the lime tree, Olea fragrans, the gardenia, magnolia, lily, the flavours of our nineteenth-century literature. Those parks offer themselves as tapestry on the walls, being almost devoid of plain spaces, perched on the slopes. The sunsets are marvellous on the water that turns between the mountains and seem endless."

Guido Piovene

How better could you describe the beauty of this superb spot of Italy? Weddings in Lake Como enjoy the romantic perfection on its nature that it hasn't changed along the centuries.

Thus I feel in love with Lake Como. Looking a late September sunset at my mother's side, a sunset oppressive of African suggestions that had painted the sky with an intense yellow. Perhaps already then I was meditating to use the pen to tell the thrill of feeling part, albeit small, of a small Created on its own. And then I probably had my first lesson in creative writing, as all my efforts to arrive at a definition of the wonder that I was seeing were frustrated by what my mother said with essential simplicity:
Look how beautiful it is!

Andrea Vitali

Your wedding in Lake Como will be a extraordinary opportunity to enjoy one of the most exclusive and suggestive regions of Italy: explore our stunning, picturesque, luxury Lake Como wedding venues.