Hints and secrets to organize perfect Lake Como weddings!

The story of a selection of stylish, elegant, stress-free and fun weddings we organized in Lake Como.

©Your wedding in Italy project arises from the need of the many couples with whom we have been working to be able to envision the beauty, the peculiarity, the colors and the flavors of a wedding in Italy.

In this long and exciting adventure that we have been living for 10 years with our brands Romeo and Juliet weddings in Italy and Cheap and Chic weddings we tried to tell with our voice, our words and our web sites the many and different beauties that Italy has to offer and explain the reasons why Italy has became the country's most popular destination for romantic weddings. We noticed, however, that often a description, even an enthralling description, is unable to elicit an emotion, to imagine a sight, to make understand a landscape, to make perceive a scent.

©Your wedding in Italy project tries to bridge that gap and it is a gift that Romeo and Juliet offers to its current and future travel companions and to the many couples which see in Italy the most romantic place to pronounce their I do. It is the story of some of the many weddings we have organized in Italy accompanied by photos that enrich the written text; an unconventional story which attempt to tell Italy through our lovely eyes, but it also describes some practical aspects to make smooth and without hassles one of the most joyful and happy days in a couple's life.

©Your wedding in Italy projects crosses several websites each dedicated to one of the amazing Italian regions and locations that we believe are the most romantic, charming and beautiful to get married in Italy. This site is devoted to Lake Como weddings; Lake Como, it was celebrated in the past by many writers and by the European nobilty and back into vogue in recent decades due to the many celebrities who decided to stop here to enjoy its beauty: George Clooney, Versace, Richard Branson and many more.
Weddings in Lake Como are very popular and due to the limited available locations, a wedding in this region needs to be planned far in advance.

Apart from weddings Lake Como, our journey into the most fabolous locations for unforgettable weddings in Italy includes the following regions:

Do not despair if your favorite Italian location is not included. Soon ©Your wedding in Italy journey will cross many other destinations.